With a focus on the theatrical elements of public speaking and courtroom presentation, Virginia acts as a talking mirror. She reflects upon effective techniques and offers feedback on effective techniques with the goal of getting the speaker to embrace his own unique presentation style.
John Bernard de Leon. J.D. Candidate 2008
Boalt Hall School of Law
University of California, Berkeley

Virginia does not conform you to some specific "tried and true" courtroom style. Rather, she helps you find your own personal style that works for you. So you are not really learning something new, just refining the style that is already you.
Caley McAuliffe Heekin, Senior Executive Editor,
California Law Review,
Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley


Virginia led a most enjoyable and instructive workshop. I greatly benefited from having my presentation critiqued.
NT, MCLE workshop

Very good workshop. Valuable information, helpful exercises. I would like to attend an all day workshop in the future .SL

Thank you again for presenting. It was a success. I would like to have you back again here at Cooley. RE